My projects

10/2021 — Present

VitaStudent allow people around the world to find accommodation for their study in UK/ES. I am responsible for destructuring monolith system and use DDD to build multiple apps with the ability for users to check their booking, see accommodation updates, receive required services. Setting up AWS Fargate, writing required Lambda functions, syncing scripts. Mostly using NodeJs, Typescript and React here.

05/2021 — 10/2021

MeTime provides a simple way to connect medical professionals and people looking for cosmetic procedures. My main goal on this project was to implement VueJs frontend with a newly created design.

Energetic Hub Telephony SAAS
02/2021 — 05/2021

Application that allowed contact centers to collect calls analytics. Was in charge of building Laravel backend and complex database queries to structure asterisk data in a user friendly way.

Insly Broker SAAS
08/2020 — 02/2021

Was responsible for PHP/Symfony based backend, that allowed insurance brokers to interact with customers and collect installments for insurance. Integrated new features, calculation logics, user dashboard.

Uralenergotel CRM
08/2018 — 08/2020

Designed and developed a CRM application for specific company needs using Laravel, Postgres, Nuxt and Redis. It allows to sync products from suppliers to e-shop, make and schedule calls (using Asterisk), create/sign invoices and send it to customers with a few clicks and way way more. It resulted in productivity growth and sales increase for more than 80%!

Uralenergotel Local Site
06/2018 — 08/2018

Integrated local web site using Wordpress to use with asterisk service allowing people to easily listen for passed calls.

Uralenergotel e-Shop
01/2018 — 06/2018

Built SEO ready e-shop that allowed company to attract more customers. Application is as pure Laravel 5 monolith with MySQL and jQuery.

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